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  • What is GOM Player?

    GOM Player is a free media player. Useful for watching video files not supported natively by default players, the program is updated regularly for new file types and features a range of additional functions.

  • What is a GOM codec?

    Codecs are small downloadable files. They help audio and visual media players understand and play different media files correctly. For instance, an MP4 video file will need the correct codec downloaded to play or an error message will be displayed when a user tries to view it.

  • How do I download GOM codecs?

    GOM Player comes pre-installed with the most recent and popular file type codecs. If an uncommon or unusual video file cannot be played due to a missing codec, the software will direct the user to search for results. The user can then browse more information and possible places to find the codec.

  • What is GOM Remote?

    GOM remote is a companion app for smart devices. Using the free app allows users to control operation of GOM Player on a PC with their phone or tablet. This includes switching between video files, pausing videos, and powering off the PC.

  • What is GOM Player Plus?

    GOM Player plus is the premium version of the software. This version is available after users register and pay for a license. Additional features unlocked include no ads, 4K resolution playback, and general performance upgrades.

  • Is there a mobile version of GOM?

    Free versions of GOM Player are available for both Android and iOS, alongside the PC based Windows and Mac varieties. Mobile GOM versions offer video file management, custom touch screen controls, and Cloud storage connection for video playback.

  • How do I find subtitles in GOM?

    GOM player provides a number of ways to find subtitles. A library of downloaded subtitles are available through the software itself by searching for title. These can then be modified for accurate playback and user preference. OpenSubtitles.org is also available natively, an open source collection of user created subtitles.

  • How do I install GOM Player?

    After downloading GOM, follow the on-screen instructions from the install wizard to complete installation. Make sure to choose whether or not to install bundled extra software. When a new version of GOM is available, a notification window will display when the software is started.

  • How do I control VR videos in GOM Player?

    GOM has the ability to play and control VR videos, as long as the correct codecs are installed. During these videos, users can control where the camera is looking by using either the up/down/left/right keys or via the mouse.

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